Comparing Blinds and Curtains

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Are blinds or curtains the better option for your home? Blinds and curtains can both help you control the lighting inside your home. Not only that, but they can add another layer of insulation, keeping your living space warm and comfortable in the winter months. Also, you can pull them up whenever you want to enjoy natural light and warmth.

However, curtains are a thicker, older design. Curtains are heavier, meaning that they offer good insulation, but it also means that they’re more difficult to use and wear down more quickly. Additionally, curtains can look outdated on windows these days, and they don’t provide a made-to-measure fit, meaning light can still creep through when you don’t want it to.

With brand-new blinds from Appeal Home Shading, though, you’ll benefit from a made-to-measure fit for windows, doors and so much more. Our range of stunning blinds offers long-lasting performance in a sleek, stylish and modern design. Not only that, but you can customise the blinds to suit you, and you can benefit from better lighting control inside your home!

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The Performance of Blinds and Curtains

With conservatory curtains, the one benefit you’ll get is from their thicker design. Because of this, your conservatory could offer more insulation in the winter. However, your curtains will be heavier than blinds. That means they are more difficult to use and push open, leading to problems like creasing and dust-gathering over time. With brand-new blinds, you’ll still get superb insulation, but in a sleek, light design.

The blinds also cover the whole glazing section in a made-to-measure fit, meaning no gaps for excess sunlight or the cold to pass through. As a result, you’ll be able to get more protection for your home across the board, giving you more control over how your living space looks and feels.

At Appeal, we also manufacture our blinds using durable materials and fabrics. They have a smooth operation that lasts for many uses. For an even smoother opening, many of our blinds come with the option of ULTRA Smart technology. ULTRA Smart makes your blinds remote-controlled for your home, meaning opening them is effortless!

The Style of Blinds and Curtains

While conservatory curtains have a classic design for your home, it could look outdated in your living space. Curtains have a heavy, thick design which can feel like a blast from the past for all the wrong reasons. Also, your curtains could wear down over time, leading to the designs fading and discolouring inside your home. However, Appeal’s window and door blinds are stylish to a fault.

We offer a range of blind styles that are ideal for any glass panel, including Roller, Venetian, Roman, Pleated and Finestra blinds. These fabrics are highly durable, too, meaning they won’t lose their appearance for decades to come. At Appeal, we’ve even created the unique Honeycomb Energy Saver blinds that add style and save money on your energy bills.

Another benefit of our blinds is that they’ll keep their shape as much as their style. With ULTRA Smart technology, you won’t only be able to open your blinds with ease, but you can do it perfectly. That’s because this remote-controlled opening is tailored to the blinds you choose. As a result, they will stay looking and performing at their best for longer, preserving every part of their design.

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Customisable Blinds and Curtains

When you invest in curtains for your home, you might not get much of a design choice. You could end up only having a limited range of options, including tired colours and designs that don’t suit your living space. That’s where Appeal’s blinds come in – your new designs will be fully bespoke and made to your order as standard. When it comes to whether you invest in blinds or curtains for your home, the choice you get could be crucial.

With Appeal’s blinds, though, you’ll get many more options. You can customise your blinds to fit any glazed section, and we’ll provide a made-to-measure fit without cutting or trimming on-site. We can even react to custom orders, ensuring you’ll get the perfect blinds for any purpose.

Also, getting the right colour for your blinds and curtains can make a big difference. But, instead of getting curtains with tired shades, you can invest in blinds with unique designs! You can style our whole range with bold colours, unique patterns and even designs for the kids. And, with the option of blackout blinds, these are ideal for bedrooms and cinema rooms.

Make an Easier Choice Between Blinds and Curtains with Appeal Home Shading

With Appeal Home Shading, choosing between blinds and curtains becomes easier. That’s because our range of blinds is highly durable, has superb performance, and can lift your home’s style. With full customisation, you can create blinds made-to-measure for any glazing section and coloured to suit your home seamlessly.

If you’d like to explore our full range of blinds, request a free brochure from Appeal today! Alternatively, to take a more detailed look at our blinds, you can get a free design consultation with our friendly, expert team. They’ll help you find the right blinds for you, and they’re available seven days a week, including evenings!

We look forward to helping you at Appeal Home Shading!