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Should you choose classic or modern blinds for your home? You might be asking yourself this already if you’re looking to add blinds to your home. With Appeal Home Shading, it’s not a question you have to consider. That’s because our blinds combine classic style with modern materials and technology, giving you total control of the look and feel of your home.

For example, we offer modern Venetian blinds that retain their classic looks. Our designs take inspiration from Venetian blinds’ history, meaning hundreds of years of quality and style go into our blinds. We offer both classic wooden as well as modern aluminium options, meaning you get blinds with more colour, more quality and more efficiency.

At Appeal, you’ll get more than just modern blinds, too. With our installation service, you’ll install your blinds with ease. Our team will make your blinds to order from plenty of customisable options, meaning your blinds could be one-of-a-kind designs. Also, you’ll get a fitting with no cutting and trimming on-site, providing a made-to-measure fit without the wait!

classic and modern blinds

Modern Venetian Blinds

In our modern Venetian blinds, we use aluminium. This is a more durable and tougher material than wood. As a result, you’ll get more strength and insulation from these blinds. When you extend them, you’ll completely cover your window or door, reducing intense glare during the summer and protecting against cold temperatures in the winter.

The aluminium slats provide an additional layer of thermal protection that lasts for decades. The material is dense, but it’s lightweight too, meaning a smooth operation every time. Also, you can customise these from a range of options. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a metallic sheen that brings a modern look to classic blinds.

You don’t have to switch out the wood in our Venetian blinds, though. If you’d rather fit more classic blinds, we also offer wooden versions that suit traditional homes brilliantly. Not only that, but they add a sense of class to modern properties, and come in a variety of authentic finishes. That way, you’ll be in control of how your new blinds style your living space.

Functional Modern Venetian Blinds

One of the ways we’ve made classic Venetian designs into modern blinds is making them more functional. It can be a little tricky to make the precise adjustments you need to carefully regulate the amount of light you allow into your living space. But with Appeal’s cutting-edge advancements, this is a problem of the past.

What if you didn’t have to adjust your blinds manually? It’s this question that led to us updating our modern Venetian blinds with ULTRA Smart technology. With this option installed, you can control your new blinds by remote control! That means you can not only close and open them at the touch of a button, but you can get precise lighting control for your home by tilting and angling the slats with the remote’s clever roller wheel.

ULTRA Smart technology also ensures you don’t bend or twist the slats out of place. As a result, your blinds will retain their neat look and a perfect fit for decades to come. And, with the option of ULTRA Plus, you could even control your blinds via your smartphone or with voice activation! All you need to do is press a button, and you can adjust your blinds wherever you are.

modern venetian blinds

Customisable Modern Venetian Blinds

Another way we’ve updated Venetian blinds is through the choice available. In the old days, you would have to settle for one design of Venetian blinds. However, with Appeal, you’ll have a range of options at your fingertips. You can customise the colour, the finish, the slat size and everything else in between for your modern Venetian blinds, making them a seamless fit for your living space.

Whether you opt for aluminium or wood, you’ll get the same control of the design. And, as we can meet specialist orders, you can design your blinds around large windows, sliding or bifold doors or even glazing of unusual size. Whatever your ideas, we will make your blinds to order, and they’ll be made-to-measure for your home.

Also, we want you to feel the same personalisation when it comes to our installation service. That’s why our team will always go above and beyond to help work around you. Our fitters provide a truly made-to-measure installation with no cutting and trimming on-site. That way, you can install modern blinds for your home with a company that has old-school values.

Classic and Modern Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

Choose modern blinds that combine the latest tech with a classic design from Appeal Home Shading today! You can invest in our Venetian blinds with ease, and you’ll have total control over the design for your home.

To start your order, you can request a free brochure to explore our full range. And, if you’d like to get a better idea of how our blinds can enhance your home, request a free design consultation with our friendly team today.

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