Beige doesn’t have to be boring

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Appeal Home Shading Design Consultant, Ruth Newman, shows us why beige can be used to create a sophisticated home that is full of character.

The general perception of beige is that it’s a safe colour. Many couples are at loggerheads over which colours to choose in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms and eventually settle on beige, as it’s inoffensive on the eye and won’t become outdated.Whilst this is true, there are many ways to brighten up a wall with beige. With a splash of colour and the right accessories, you can really let your personality shine through. Shades that go well alongside beige include coffee colours and cream, as well as orange tones, green and gold. Bold colours sit well next to beige as they allow the colour to make its mark and help to open up even the smallest of rooms.

My favourite Appeal products in beige shades have to be the Pleated Blinds in the ‘Infusion’ range and Window Shutters in ‘String’. Window Shutters are a fantastic way to immerse two rooms into one and provide the open plan living area you are looking for. Pleated Blinds on the other hand, provide a classic and contemporary touch to main rooms in the home and specifying them in beige ensures that they will look stylish and match your interior décor no matter how many times you redecorate your home.