A Guide to Choosing the Best Blinds

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Choosing the best window blinds is never easy. But, with Appeal Home Shading, you’ll have more opportunity to make the right decision. We stock a wide range of intelligent, durable blinds that can give you more control over your home. Our blinds provide excellent lighting control, strong insulation and full coverage of your window or door, with a made-to-measure fit as standard.

With our wide range, we believe our blinds can help any room in your home. If you want to find the best blinds for your kitchen, bedroom or even your conservatory, we could have an option for you. Our range is broad enough to have options specialised for all of these situations. And, with ULTRA Smart tech across the range, our blinds are remote-controllable too.

At Appeal, we make it easy to personalise your blinds, too. That way, you can create the best blinds for your home from the ground up. We offer hundreds of unique colours and patterns, a range of styles and fabrics and custom sizes to give you more control. Appeal will manufacture your blinds to order, making sure they’re bespoke for your home.

best blinds for kitchen

Best Blinds for a Kitchen

Many people choose to put blinds up in their kitchen. But what are the best blinds for a kitchen? In one of these spaces, you always want to feel closer to your family. Because of this, lighting control is crucial. By getting blinds with softer fabrics, you can always let a bit of natural light glow through, and you can have more precise control over how much comes in.

As a result, Pleated blinds are some of the best options for kitchens. Pleated blinds have soft yet durable fabric which can block out intense light without plunging your home into darkness. Not only that, Pleated blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns. That way, you can transform the way your kitchen looks and feels.

With Pleated blinds, you can also get designs that aren’t a hassle to open. Our blinds can come with an ULTRA Smart technology option, which makes it easy to open your blinds with the push of a button. Also, you can slide your blinds up and down precisely to let just the right amount of light in. You can even control these blinds via a dedicated smartphone app!

best blinds for bedroom

Best Blinds for a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your safe space; it’s where you go to relax and unwind after a long day. So, when you enter it, you don’t want to feel prying eyes looking inside. Because of this, a great option for bedroom windows is to install blackout blinds. Blackout blinds provide excellent coverage, ensuring minimal light can enter your bedroom and that people outside have no way of looking in.

The best blinds to achieve this are Honeycomb blinds. These innovative designs deliver excellent energy efficiency standards, and as well as acting as thermal barriers, the lack of gaps give you more coverage. Not only that, but you can customise them with unique colours to make the right impression and provide the performance you need.

To make sure your Honeycomb blinds are the best they can be, we manufacture your designs to order. That way, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit for your new blinds no matter what. We’ll create these according to your exact specifications, meaning you can fit windows of any shape and size. Our blinds will last too, with hard-wearing fabric and the option of ULTRA Smart operation for total control.

best blinds for conservatory

Best Blinds for a Conservatory

The best place for blinds to make a big impact might just be a conservatory. That’s because builds like these are often at the mercy of the light outside. On hot days, light can cause glare and intense heat, while cold air can also pass through during the winter months. But, with brand-new blinds across the build, you could improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory.

If you’d like to save energy inside your space, then Appeal’s unique Honeycomb blinds fit the bill. Our patented double-layered hexagonal design is proven to insulate conservatories from the cold, and it can reflect heat away from your build as well. That way, you can reduce glare and the greenhouse effect.

These designs are some of the best blinds for patio doors too. They’ll fully cover the glazing in the doors to make sure you control the light in your home just when you need it. Not only that, they offer much-needed privacy whenever you want to shut the outside world out. The best blinds from Appeal offer flexibility and functionality for your home in spades.

Best Blinds Prices

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