Blackout Blinds

When light can be a problem, Appeal blackout blinds are the solution.

As the leading bespoke home shading expert, Appeal design, manufacture and install blinds of every description for every requirement. In most applications our blinds are designed to help you control how much natural light you let into a room, but in the case of our blackout blinds you can block out all the light, when that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

On a bright and early summer’s morning, incoming sunlight flooding into a room can be a beautiful and welcoming sight. But in some instances it can become a problem, and even a downright nuisance. Particularly if you’re a light sleeper.  It’s often undesireable in younger children’s bedrooms too, where uninterrupted sleep patterns are important for both children and adults alike.

Much of this unwanted sunlight can be controlled with our wide range of ordinary blinds, but if you desire a total sun block for complete comfort then Appeal blackout blinds are the ideal solution.

Our blackout blinds are also perfect for providing comfort and privacy outside of the bedroom, in a room set aside for home entertainment for instance, where you want to play DVD’s or video games without any light reflection or glare spoiling your view. You may even have your own cinema room, for which blackout blinds could also be very suitable.

Despite their high functionality, there’s no reason why blackout blinds shouldn’t blend in with your home décor and look as attractive as possible. That’s why we offer you blackout blinds in over 50 contemporary and traditional fabrics along with a range of Pleated and Roller blackout blinds in plain and textured fabrics. All complemented by special blackout linings and the option of state-of-the-art remote controlled motorisation that can operate one blind or a whole series of them from the comfort of a bed or armchair.

Request a free, no obligation design consultation from Appeal, for independent unbiased advice on the best blackout blinds for your needs.

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